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~ Why Use Your Landscape Designer
to Manage Installation? ~

Having your landscape designer involved
during installation can be an invaluable asset
that should not be underestimated.

Having the person who designed the project involved in the installation will be better for you, the contractor, and the overall outcome of the project.


why a designerIt means you will have someone directing the flow of your installation that is already intimately involved with your design. Rather than an outside contractor who is new to the project and unfamiliar with the nuances of your landscape plan. Throughout the design process, you and your landscape designer have built a relationship that has given them a unique insight into your taste, style, and goals for your new outdoor space. So, you can rely on them to manage the installation with your best interests in mind. In turn, the various contractors and trades people involved in your installation can rely on the designer to give them in-depth guidance into the many details of the project.

Without the designer’s involvement a contractor would be forced to interpret a very detailed drawing without the benefit of knowing the goals and vision behind much of what is represented on paper. During the design phase, you and your designer have worked through various ideas and modifications to achieve just the right form, function, and flow for your new landscape. EngelLandscape_sm-39Even with detailed written instructions an outside contractor often misses important aspects of the design. Imagine if your new patio were not centered on that specific window’s view or if the placement of the pool in the first phase of installation is a few inches off, so that the pool-house in the second phase is no longer within the setback specifications of your property. Sometimes the smallest miscalculation can change the entire flow of the landscape and possibly cause costly overruns and delays.

Having your landscape designer involved during installation also means they are available for those small on-the-spot modifications that are inevitable during any landscape project. They are often able to suggest simple design-solutions that still maintain the overall goal of the design. Finally, they act as the liaison between you and the installation contractors. They keep you updated on the progress of the installation and are available to answer any questions that might arise.


So, while it is not imperative that you use a designer during installation, it can be a tremendous benefit. No one knows your project better than your designer! And no one can do a better job of seamlessly tying all aspects of your new landscape together during installation.

Engel Landscape Raleigh NC

What Your Designer 
Does for You…

~ Helps keep track of changes and modifications throughout the process to make sure everyone is on the same page.

~ Checks in with the contractors throughout the process to monitor progress and material selection.

~ Makes educated material substitutions when suppliers are out of stock.

~ Keeps the client informed of progress and notifies them of changes.

~ Assists the contractors with layout and aesthetic vision.

Engel Landscape Raleigh NC