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Reimagining an Entry

Reimagining an Entry

The small front entrance of this 1960’s ranch-style home lacked curb-appeal and usable space for the homeowners to welcome guests at the door.

When I saw the spectacular renovation of some personal friends’ backyard, I decided to investigate Jenny’s passion and expertise for my poorly designed front yard. I love puttering in the yard. Usually, I randomly plant my plants wherever I can manage to dig a hole. So, between an assortment of azalea bushes and various trees that’s how my yard looked: random! Although the bees were happy, I was not enamored with the wildly overgrown look.

When I contacted Jenny, I did not have a clear idea of a particular look. Jenny compiled a series of different looks she thought be appropriate for my entrance to see what appealed to me. She then drew out different scenarios for regrouping new and old plantings to fit my taste and budget.
Sawing off the low hanging branches of a Pin Oak tree and designing an interestingly curved  flower bed with white river rock and plenty of space to fill in various colored foliage and plants gave the yard an immediate overhaul. Neighbors remarked about the curb appeal now that the house was no longer obscured by the tree. Closer to the house, Jenny made excellent suggestions for taking out some bushes altogether, and replanting rose bushes and other ornamental bushes that had previously been planted by another “designer” who planted them like soldiers in a row. Jenny’s designed a clustered look where your eyes are drawn to certain areas instead of the “soldiers on guard” look. Using existing plants was important financially, and some of the work she envisioned is still ongoing as finances allow. 
The reason I can wholeheartedly recommend Engel Landscape Design is that Jenny has a God-given talent for casting vision, as well as listening closely to the customer to come up with the best possible outcome for a beautiful space to relish for years to come.
Charlotte S.


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